Reasoning Ability Practice Puzzles – Set 81

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Reasoning Ability Practice Puzzles – Set 81
Directions (1 – 5): Read the following information and answer the question that follows:
7 Assistant Managers namely - Dhruv, Vihan, Karun, Mohan, Sundarm, Ashfaq and Peter from BOB belonging to 7 different cities join the regular Training Program being conducted by BOB in Gandhinagar. The program involves two shifts of training hours and the trainees are trained for a particular area of Branch operation. The list of the areas includes Accounting, Customer Service, Supervision, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Back office management. The modules are scheduled in such a way that two sessions on each area of training are to be attended by the same trainee in a particular week. The sessions are carried out from Monday to Sunday. The sessions are scheduled during morning and evening on each day and on each day two different session are carried out. Each trainee has to attend a session held during different training hours i.e. morning and evening.
Besides, we also have the following pieces of information with us:
i) A trainee attends only one session on a training area on any three consecutive days.
ii) Vihan attends the session on Marketing and Sundarm is the first as well as the last person to attend a session in the week.
iii) Peter attends a session on Wednesday evening and Karun does it on Thursday morning.
iv) On two days of the week only Dhurv and Ashfaq attend a training session and Dhruv attends session twice before Ashfaq.
v) Between sessions on Customer Service, Marketing session is to be completed and between the sessions on Accounting, session on Finanace is to be done.
vi) The session on supervision is to be held on Friday in the morning session and the session on Back Office management is to be conducted  on Sunday in morning session.
vii) Customer Service was not held on Monday but both the Customer Services are to be finished before the last session on Sales is completed.
1. Peter attended  which two sessions?
a) Monday evening and Friday morning
b) Friday and Thursday evening
c) Saturday morning and Wednesday evening
d) Thursday evening and Sunday morning
e) None of these
2. On which day is the second training of Marketing was done?
a) Tuesday
b) Saturday
c) Wednesday
d) Sunday
e) Friday
3. Which trainee is to attend a session on Customer Service?
a) Peter
b) Mohan
c) Sundarm
d) Ashfaq
e) None of these
4. Mohan is assigned to which training session?
a) Sales
b) Supervision
c) Finance
d) Back office management
e) Marketing
5. Which trainee is to attend training session on Sales?
a) Vihan
b) Sundarm
c) Mohan
d) Karun
e) Ashfaq

Directions (6 – 10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
There are nine persons viz. P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W and Z are sitting around a circular table. Four of them are facing away from the centre while five are facing towards the centre.
R is not the immediate neighbour of either T or U. Z is fifth to the left of W, who is immediate left of two people T and Q simultaneously. Z is exactly in the middle between P and R. W, Q and T sit together but one of them facing in different direction (either inward or outward) from others two U is facing away from the centre, who is second to the right of both Z and W. V is fourth to the left of U and facing away from the centre. T is immediate right to U.
6. Who among the following sits second to the left of Z?
a) S 
b) V 
c) Q 
d) T 
e) Other than given options
7. How many people sit between S and V counting clockwise from S?
a) One 
b) Two 
c) None 
d) Four 
e) More than four
8. What is the position of R with respect to T?
a) Third to the left 
b) Fourth to the right 
c) Fifth to the left
d) Both 2 and 3 
e) Other than given options
9. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a) SV 
b) WQ 
c) PU 
d) RZ 
e) TW
10. Who among the following sits exactly between Q and V?
a) S 
b) T 
c) R
d) They are neighbour to each other 
e) Other than given options
Directions (11 – 15): Study the lowing information to answer the given questions:
Johnson, Ricky, Cook, Demon, Chris, Root, Peter and Mathew are sitting in a straight line equidistant from each other (but not necessarily in the same order). Some of them are facing south while some are facing north.
(Note: Facing the same direction means, if one is facing north then the other also faces north and vice-versa. Facing the opposite directions means, if one is facing north then the other faces south and vice-versa) Johnson faces north. Only two people sit to the right of Johnson. Ricky sits third to the left of Johnson. Only one person sits between Ricky and Root. Root sits to the immediate right of Chris. Only one person sits between Chris and Mathew. Both the immediate neighbors of Ricky face the same direction. Cook sits third to the left of Root. Ricky faces the opposite direction as Johnson. Peter does not sit at any of the extremes ends of the line. Demon faces the same direction as Chris. Both Peter and Cook face the opposite direction of Mathew.
11. How many persons in the given arrangement are facing North?
a) More than four
b) Four
c) One
d) Three
e) two
12. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way, and so form a group. Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a) Chris, Root
b) Mathew, Peter
c) Ricky, Johnson
d) Ricky, Peter
e) Demon, Cook
13. What is the position of Root with respect to Mathew?
a) Second to the left
b) Third to the right
c) Third to the left
d) Fifth to the right
e) Second to the right
14. Who amongst the following sits exactly between Mathew and Chris?
a) Ricky
b) Peter
c) Root
d) Chris
e) Cook
15. Who is sitting 2nd to the right of Ricky?
a) Mathew
b) Demon
c) Root
d) Chris
e) None of the above
(1 – 5):

1. C)   2. B)   3. A)   4. B)   5. D) 

(6 – 10):

6. B)   7. C)   8. D)   9. E)   10. A)  

(11 – 15):

Demon (N)  Mathew (N) Ricky (S) Chris (N) Root (S) Johnson (N) Peter (S) Cook (S)
11. B)   12. B)   13. B)   14. A)   15. B)