English Practice Cloze Test Questions for IBPS Exams (26 – 09 – 2017)

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English Practice Cloze Test Questions for IBPS Exams (26 – 09 – 2017)
Directions (1 – 7): Choose the most appropriate option to fill in the blanks.
In March, 1861, I commenced an expedition to (1) the sources of the Nile, with the hope of meeting the East African expedition of Captains Speke and Grant that had been sent by the English Government from the South via Zanzibar, for the same object. I had not the presumption to publish my intention, as the sources of the Nile had (2) defied all explorers, but I had inwardly determined to accomplish this difficult task or to die in the attempt. From my youth I had been (3) to hardships and endurance in wild sports in tropical climates, and when I gazed upon the map of Africa I had a wild hope, mingled with humility, that, even as the insignificant worm bores through the hardest oak, I might by (4) reach the heart of Africa.
I could not conceive that anything in this world has power to (5) a determined will, so long as health and life remain. The failure of every former attempt to reach the Nile source did not astonish me, as the expeditions had consisted of parties, which, when difficulties occur, generally end in difference of opinion and in retreat; I therefore determined to proceed (6), trusting in the guidance of a Divine Providence and the good fortune that sometimes attends a tenacity of purpose. I weighed carefully the chances of the undertaking. Before me, untrodden Africa; against me, the obstacles that had defeated the world since its creation; on my side, a somewhat tough constitution, perfect independence, a long experience in savage life, and both time and means, which I intended to (7) to the object without limit.
1. a) emancipate b) broadcast c) disprove d) discover e) encoder
2. a) anticipated b) hitherto c) undoubtedly d) calmly e) specifically
3. a) capable c) secluded c) inured d) conjured e) positioned
4. a) indifference b) capacity c) luck d) destiny e) perseverance
5. a) resist b) accept d) remand e) fathom e) demand
6. a) further b) no further c) alone d) doubly e) superficially
7. a) remote b) denote c) demote d) devote e) promote

Directions (8 – 12): Choose the most appropriate option to fill in the blanks.
Beginning next year, the World Health Organisation will begin ____(8)___ tests of the injectable malaria vaccine RTS,S (or Mosquirix) on 750,000 children aged 5-17 months in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi. The vaccine has been successfully put _____(9)____ a Phase III trial, in which the drug is tested _____(10)_____ safety and efficacy. Any decision on wider use will be taken based on the results of the pilot tests in the three countries. If the vaccine does indeed _______(11)___ to be ready for large-scale use, it will be a ______(12)____ in the fight against malaria. Although the number of cases globally and in the African region came down by 21% between 2010 and 2015, in 2015 itself the number of deaths worldwide on account of the disease was as high as 429,000.
8. a) acid b) crucial c) pilot d) real e) none of these
9. a) in b) with c) through d) against e) none of these
10. a) to b) for c) of d) in e) none of these
11. a) find b) ready c) test d) prove e) none of these
12. a) cornerstone b) step c) milestone d) achieve e) none of these

1. D)   2. B)   3. C)   4. E)   5. A)   6. C)   7. D)   8. C)   9. C)   10. B)   11. D)   12. C)