English Language Quiz for IBPS Exams 2017

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English Language Quiz for IBPS Exams 2017
Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams English Language Quiz Section. The following quiz covers the questions from Reading Comprehension (10 Questions), Error Spotting (5 questions), Sentence Fillers (5 Questions). All the best for upcoming IBPS Exams 2017.
Directions (1 – 9): Read the following Passage and answer the questions followed:
Woodrow Wilson was referring to the liberal idea of the economic market when he said that the free enterprise system is the most efficient economic system. Maximum freedom means maximum productiveness; our “openness” is to be the measure of our stability. Fascination with this ideal has made Americans defy the “Old World” categories of settled possessiveness versus unsettling deprivation, the cupidity of retention versus the cupidity of seizure, a “status quo” defended or attacked. The United States, it was believed, had no status quo ante. Our only “station” was the turning of a stationary wheel, spinning faster and faster. We did not base our system on property but opportunity—which meant we based it not on stability but on mobility. The more things changed, that is, the more rapidly the wheel turned, the steadier we would be. The conventional picture of class politics is composed of the Haves, who want a stability to keep what they have, and the Have-Nots, who want a touch of (a touch of: 有一点) instability and change in which to scramble for (scramble for: v.争, 勉拼凑) the things they have not. But Americans imagined a condition in which speculators, self-makers, runners are always using the new opportunities given by our land. These economic leaders (front-runners) would thus be mainly agents of change. The nonstarters were considered the ones who wanted stability, a strong referee to give them some position in the race, a regulative hand to calm manic speculation; an authority that can call things to a halt, begin things again from compensatorily staggered “starting lines.”
Reform” in America has been sterile because it can imagine no change except through the extension of this metaphor of a race, wider inclusion of competitors, “a piece of the action,” as it were, for the disenfranchised. There is no attempt to call off the race. Since our only stability is change, America seems not to honor the quiet work that achieves social interdependence and stability. There is, in our legends, no heroism of the office clerk (office clerk: n.职员), no stable industrial work force of the people who actually make the system work. There is no pride in being an employee (Wilson asked for a return to the time when everyone was an employer). There has been no boasting about our social workers—they are merely signs of the system’s failure, of opportunity denied or not taken, of things to be eliminated. We have no pride in our growing interdependence, in the fact that our system can serve others, that we are able to help those in need; empty boasts from the past make us ashamed of our present achievements, make us try to forget or deny them, move away from them. There is no honor but in the Wonderland (wonderland: n.仙境, 奇境) race we must all run, all trying to win, none winning in the end (for there is no end).
1. The primary purpose of the passage is to
(A) criticize the inflexibility of American economic mythology
(B) contrast “Old World” and “New World” economic ideologies
(C) challenge the integrity of traditional political leaders
(D) champion those Americans whom the author deems to be neglected(A)
(E) suggest a substitute for the traditional metaphor of a race
2. According to the passage, “Old World” values were based on
(A) ability
(B) property
(C) family connections
(D) guild hierarchies(B)
(E) education
3. In the context of the author’s discussion of regulating change, which of the following could be most probably regarded as a “strong referee” in the United States?
(A) A school principal
(B) A political theorist
(C) A federal court judge
(D) A social worker(C)
(E) A government inspector
4. The author sets off (set off: to set apart: make distinct or outstanding) the word “Reform” with quotation marks in order to
(A) emphasize its departure from the concept of settled possessiveness
(B) show his support for a systematic program of change
(C) underscore the flexibility and even amorphousness of United States society
(D) indicate that the term was one of Wilson’s favorites(E)
(E) assert that reform in the United States has not been fundamental
5. It can be inferred from the passage that the author most probably thinks that giving the disenfranchised “a piece of the action” is
(A) a compassionate, if misdirected, legislative measure
(B) an example of Americans’ resistance to profound social change
(C) an innovative program for genuine social reform
(D) a monument to the efforts of industrial reformers(B)
(E) a surprisingly “Old World” remedy for social ills
6. Which of the following metaphors could the author most appropriately use to summarize his own assessment of the American economic system?
(A) A windmill
(B) A waterfall
(C) A treadmill
(D) A gyroscope(C)
(E) A bellows
7. It can be inferred from the passage that Woodrow Wilson’s ideas about the economic market
(A) encouraged those who “make the system work”
(B) perpetuated traditional legends about America
(C) revealed the prejudices of a man born wealthy
(D) foreshadowed the stock market crash of 1929(B)
(E) began a tradition of presidential proclamations on economics
8. The passage contains information that would answer which of the following questions?
I. What techniques have industrialists used to manipulate a free market?
II. In what ways are “New World” and “Old World” economic policies similar?
III. Has economic policy in the United States tended to reward independent action?
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) I and II only(C)
(E) II and III only
9. Which of the following best expresses the author’s main point?
(A) Americans’ pride in their jobs continues to give them stamina today.
(B) The absence of a status quo ante has undermined United States economic structure.
(C) The free enterprise system has been only a useless concept in the United States.
(D) The myth of the American free enterprise system is seriously flawed.(D)
(E) Fascination with the ideal of “openness” has made Americans a progressive people.
Directions (10 – 14): In each of the questions below there are three sentences. In these sentences one or more sentences are grammatically wrong. You have to identify the grammatically incorrect sentence and mark it as your answer.
10. I. Anil Kumble has reportedly stepped down as India chief cricket coach amid speculation of a rift with captain Virat Kohli.
II. Two committees will submit their report within two and three months respectively.
III. Amid complaints by students of evaluation faults in his class XII results, the cbse on Tuesday setup two committees to study the loopholes in the evaluation procedure.
A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Only III
D. Both I and II
E. Both I and III
11. I. The patients were also exposed to risks of infection with the doors and windows kept open for ventilation.
II. Kevin Durant is set to make a new contract deal and stay with the Golden State Warriors, but the new NBA champions did lose a legendary player on Monday.
III. Despite of this handicap, at the end of the fifth round, the Indian girl had accumulated a total of 4 points and was tied with two other players.
A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Only III
D. Both I and III
E. All of the above
12. I. The Chennai franchise which is set to make its debut in the fifth season of pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has been named “Tamil Thalaivas.”
II. “New Delhi is the idle venue to get acclimatized to the current whether of Qatar.
III. President Donald Trump’s administration appears ready to harden its approach Toward Pakistan to crackdown on homegrown militants launching attacks in neighbouring Afghanistan.
A. Only II
B. Only III
C. Both II and III
D. Both I and II
E. None of these
13. I. Tim Farnumbelieve that smartphone apps are designed to be addictive, which is not a good thing for children.
II. American Airlines said it will allow Phoenix passengers flying during the peak heat from Monday to Wednesday to change flights without a fee.
III. The American university student held prisoner in North Korea for 17 months died at a Cincinnati hospital on Monday, just days after he was released from captivity in coma.
A. Only II
B. Only III
C. Only I
D. Only I and II
E. All I ,II and III are incorrect
14. I. SitaRam who has a disability in his left hand, could not get his Aadhaar card made and was worried that the administration may discontinue his pension.
II. Get set to drive the iconic American SUV brand Jeep that hit Indian roads in August with a locally-made model, which is likely to carry an entry price of around Rs 15-16 lakh.
III. With monsoon round the corner, villagers in Bijnor fear that they may became Victims of snakebites rain water forces these reptiles out their habitats.
A. Only I
B. Only III
C. Both I and III
D. Both II and III
E. Only II
Direction (15 – 20): In each of the following questions, a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given to make the passage complete and coherent.
15. Central to the financial sector reforms would be the restructuring and financing of public sector banks (PSBs). ___________________. Accordingly, it recommended that the minimum government holding in PSBs should be reduced from 51 per cent to 33 per cent. It was argued that reducing the government holding to 33 per cent would not mean a loss of control over the social objectives of PSBs, but it would give a breather to these banks to meet minimum capital requirements.
a)   The UPA government I and II swore by the 51 per cent minimum government holding and hence there was an impasse.
b)   The Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (2013) recommended a single Indian Financial Sector Code.
c)   The Narasimham Committee II on Banking Sector Reforms (1998) concluded that the fisc just could not meet the capital requirements of PSBs.
d)   The pronouncements of the present BJP government, however, indicate that they would not deviate from the 51 per cent government holding in PSBs.
e)   Under the NDA regime, Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha made a valiant effort to get this recommendation accepted, but parliamentarians from his own party blocked the move.
16. _______________. But the number of insured people is only around 20% which is very less compared to other countries. There could be many reasons for this shortfall such as lack of awareness or the inability of companies to reach the masses. But the government of India on its part has taken many steps to increase insurance penetration.
a)   India with a population of over 1 billion is the 2nd most populous country in the world.
b)   The government has brought many reforms in the insurance sector, the above steps have helped more people to take up insurance policies.
c)   In the coming years, we can be confident of seeing higher growth in insurance penetration among Indians.
d)   The biggest step taken by the government in recent years was raising the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to 49% from the earlier 26%.
e)   The amendment paved way for foreign insurance companies to start operations in India by partnering with existing entities& offer more products suited for Indian public.
17. Capitalism is a great slave, but a pathetic master. This truth unfortunately gets lost in our chase for that elusive dream. Especially in the west, the land that has been marketed as the land of dreams – the great Western dream. It’s the dream of being independent masters of our lives, of making big bucks and of being happy – even if that happiness is being bought by money, which all of them chase out there. ____________.
a)   That is what has made the rest of the world mindlessly chase Westernism, not necessarily happiness or an ideal form of society.
b)   All because the shop window looks very impressive and it has been marketed very well.
c)   Thus, the shop window of Westernism looks lucidly attractive.
d)   However, this has been achieved as a result of more than 200 years of unbridled growth and exploitation.
e)   No doubt, the West, on its part, has been fairly successful in creating material comforts aplenty.
18. A long-standing perspective on modernity – that a march toward it would lead progressively to lessening of religious and related affiliations – has been discredited over a period of time. ____________. For example, even a product of the information revolution, the Internet, is used to hunt for marriage partners of a given caste. Modern electoral politics is all about utilizing identities that predate this modernity for political gain.
a)   We have assumed erroneously that we know what modernity is, thereby confusing its present character with what we wish it to be.
b)   Confusing a wish with the reality on the ground might well be called the Great Nehruvian Conceit — we are all part of this.
c)   It frequently goes back to the past and incorporates elements from long-forgotten eras into its unfolding present.
d)   Modern technologies – such as television – feed growing religious appetites.
e)   We have too easily assumed a linear narrative for modernity, even more so if we clearly observe that it consists of bits and pieces from different historical periods, and that it unfolds in a circular rather than linear manner.
19. _______________. The vast majority of those who backed him, those who gave the BJP he led a clear mandate in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, bought his words of hope in to, and believed he could bring in much-needed change and put the country back on a trajectory of growth and development. On the first anniversary, some of the promises remain as proposals and many others appear too remote with little or no chance of coming to fruition in the next four years.
a)   As the previous Congress-led government ended its term entwined in scams and scandals, Mr. Modi marketed himself as everything his predecessor Manmohan Singh was not, and sought to represent the varied aspirations of whole classes of people.
b)   Having come to power on the strength of mega-promises centered on the prospect of ache din for all, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot but feel the weight of popular expectations on his government after an uneventful first year.
c)   To the government’s credit, inflation is down.
d)   PM Modi wanted to offer much more than a concrete programme of action; he wanted to present a vision of the future, a vision of India taking its place as an economic superpower in the first world.
e)   Falling international oil prices might have had a role as also the resoluteness of the Reserve Bank of India in not lowering interest rates, but the government kept a close watch on food prices.
20. We today revel in the idea that we are living in a world of science and science can work wonders for us. It is evident that science has revolutionized modern life. What our forefathers, half a century ago, could not even dream of, we have that on our beck and call. _______________. A button is pressed, the room gets flooded with light; the fan moves, the A.C. Cools or warms the room, water is boiled or cooled even is frozen, eatables can be preserved for days.
a)   Artificial limbs can be fitted into the disabled bodies, even kidneys, and hearts are being performed.
b)   Means of communication- The fax, The E-mail, The mobile smart phones are really wonderful means given to us by science.
c)   Electricity is a wonder and what it is doing would have appeared to be a fairy tale for our forefathers.
d)   Human labor has been minimized but that has led to a more luxurious living and lens of physical activity.
e)   The worlds is getting exposed to the situations of great alarms and dangers. GMOs are good for some crops and not so for others. Wild varieties cannot be allowed to go extinct.
Answers with Explanations:
1. A)   2. B)   3. C)   4. E)   5. B)   6. C)   7. B)   8. C)   9. D)  
10. E) Sentence II is correct while I and III have grammatical error.
In sentence I India’s chief should be correct instead of India chief because we were trying to show possession case in it so we have to add an (‘) sign after India.
In sentence III it should be their class XII results instead of his because we are using this pronoun for students (plural).
11. C) Sentence I and II are correct and sentence III has an error in it.
In sentence III we can’t use of with despite there is no word despite of in English language.
12. C) Sentence I is totally correct and sentences II and III are incorrect.
In sentence II it should be weather instead of whether because in this sentence we are talking about atmosphere and whether is used for conjunction.
In sentence III we have a word its and this word always followed by a singular form of verb so it should be towards instead of toward.
13. D) Sentence III is correct and sentences I and II are incorrect.
In sentence I we have a person’s name Tim Farnum (singular) it should followed by a singular verb also.
In sentence II, because this sentence is in past so we need to use the past verb of will that is would.
14. D) Sentence I is correct and sentences II and III are incorrect.
In sentence II it should be hits Indian roads instead of Hit because our subject in this sentence is singular (Jeep) so we need to use singular form of verb also.
In sentence III, because this sentence is in present tense so we can’t use the past form of verb so it should become instead of became.
15. C) Option c) is correct answer since in the paragraph is giving details about the reformation of PSBs. So, option c) is fit to the blank and makes the paragraph coherent.
16. A) Option a) is correct answer since the paragraph gives details insurance scheme among people. So, option a) will be a perfect sentence for starting the passage since it describe about the people which is followed in next sentence.
17. E) Option e) is correct answer since the passage gives some facts about capitalism. So, option e) will be a correct option for that blank since it makes the paragraph meaningful.
18. D) Option d) is correct answer since the passage explains about the modernity. So, option d) will be correct answer since it makes the paragraph coherent which gives the continuation of previous sentence.
19. B) Option b) is correct answer since in the paragraph is describing about the development that was done during the past year by PM Narendra Modi. So, option b) is a correct sentence which gives correct starting for the paragraph.
20. C) Option c) is correct answer since in the paragraph is giving details about technology improvement in science. So, option c) is exact sentence which makes the paragraph meaningful.