English Language Double Fillers Practice Questions

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English Language Double Fillers Practice Questions
Direction (1 – 15): Each question below has two blanks. There are five pairs of words below each sentence. Each pair is, numbered, choose the pair of words which can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same order so as to complete the sentence meaningfully.
1. The _______ playing of loud music has led the angry residents of this vicinity to file a police complaint and move court against the organiser’s lack of _______ for the people’s need for a peaceful neighbourhood.
(a) peaceful, through
(b) abrupt, hope
(c) incessant, consideration
(d) fashionable, friendliness
(e) intermittent, interpretation
2. The ________ of the chronic balance of payments deficit which has _______ the Finance Ministry under three prime Ministers is very real.
(a) temptation, reviled
(b) understanding, menaced
(c) impact, underestimated
(d) obligation, blessed
(e) dilemma, plagued
3. Britain for the present, is deeply ________ in economic troubles, and the economic future, heavily ________ looks uncertain.
(a) engrossed, responsive
(b) ingrained, skeptical
(c) saturate, enveloped
(d) mired, mortgaged
(e) restrained, participative
4. Our constitution was based on the belief that the free _______ of ideas, people and cultures is essential to the ________ of a democratic society.
(a) selection, concurrence
(b) interchange, preservation
(c) reversal, upholding
(d) dissemination, congruence
(e) distinction, design
5. As this country has become more _______ and internationalised, it has like all western democracies, experienced a necessary increase in the _______ of the executive.
(a) urbanized, role
(b) objective, wealth
(c) synthesized, efficiency
(d) civilized, convenience
(e) concretized, vision
6. As per the present definition, the factory inspector ______ all factories located in an area to ______ a day other than Sunday as the weekly holiday.
(a) permits, attend
(b) allows, observe
(c) assures, believe
(d) admits, accept
(e) grants, adhere
7. The family members of the victim said that the victim was being ______ into ______ her complaint.
(a) protected, accepting
(b) disturbed, locating
(c) allowed, maintaining
(d) forced, preparing
(e) threatened, withdrawing
8. The new management is pro-cleanliness and will ______ all the employees who spit or smoke in the office ______.
(a) penalise, hours
(b) punish, environment
(c) warn, surrounding
(d) fine, premises
(e) pardon, area
9. Sixty-six years after India attained Independence, the government has finally ______ to change the measure to estimate the output of a steam-engine horsepower that is being ______ since the British Raj.
(a) thought, operated
(b) decided, used
(c) planned, provided
(d) caused, handled
(e) reasoned, postponed
10. With women participation ______ Sharply in the labour force over the past decade, there is a need to improve ______ for them.
(a) dipping, opportunities
(b) reducing, ways
(c) withdrawing, convenience
(d) stressing, circumstances
(e) steeping, excuses
11. When the captain found that the player had taken ___________ medicines, he ___________ the matter to the chief.
(a) expiry, told
(b) prohibited, reported
(c) over, verified
(d) wrong, received
(e) right, send
12. He kept her drum _________ him and played it _________.
(a) next to, nice
(b) besides, sincerely
(c) to, well
(d) with, soundly
(e) beside, wisely
13. The state Government has ___________ to meet all the demands of its officers _____________.
(a) allowed, perhaps
(b) Clinched, completely
(c) refused, in to
(d) admitted, partly
(e) reverted, quietly
14. A few ____ of gratitude are enough to express your feelings _____.
(a) word, contentiously
(b) ideas, truly
(c) lines, badly
(d) words, sincerely
(e) thoughts, frankly
15. The _____ made by him hardly _____ any concrete conclusion.
(a) interrogation, yielded
(b) advice, commented
(c) situation, convinced
(d) report, lead
(e) policies, account
1. C)   2. E)   3. D)   4. B)   5. A)   6. D)   7. E)   8. E)   9. D)   10. A)   11. B)   12. E)   13. C)   14. D)   15. A)