Reasoning Practice Questions for IBPS RRB (Set – 6)

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Reasoning Practice Questions for IBPS RRB (Set – 6)
1. Which of the following expressions will be true if the expression A ≤ B = C > D is true?
a) C ≥ A
b) B = D
c) A ≥ D
d) D ≥ B
e) A > D
2. Three players are to be chosen from a group of four players. It is decided that oldest of them will not play. Rohit is two months older than Girish, who is three months younger than Nehra. In addition, Kamlesh is one month older than Girish. Who will not play?
a) Rohit
b) Girish
c) Nehra
d) Kamlesh
e) None of these
3. Faruk directly went from P to Q which is 9 ft. distant. Then he turns to the right and walked 4 ft. After this he turned to the right and walked a distance which is equal from P to Q. Finally he turned to the right and walked 6 ft. How far is he now from P?
a) 6ft
b) 5ft
c) 1ft
d) 0ft
e) none of these
4. X & Y are A’s grandchildren from his son B. P is the living grandparent of X. P’s only daughter T has a son W who has a son named F married to G, what is  the relationship of X with F?
a) Uncle
b) Maternal Uncle
c) Nephew
d) Can’t say
e) None of these
5. In a certain code BREAKDOWN is written as BFSCJMVNC. How is ORGANISED written in that code?
e) None of these
Directions (6 – 10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow:
7 friends A, B, C, D, E, F and G are sitting together in a straight line in a movie theatre. They are seated in a way that A is seated to the immediate left of D, E and F are seated at even seats and C is seated at one of the extreme ends. Also, D is sitting in the middle seat. B and D have 2 people sitting between them while, C and A have one person between them. A and E can never sit together.
6. What is the position of F?
a) Between G and A
b) Between C and A
c) Between D and A
d) 3rd from the left
e) 3rd from the right
7. How many people sit between F and A?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3
e) 4
8. Who is sitting between A and G?
a) E
b) F
c) D
d) B
e) C
9. Which of the following pairs have exactly 3 persons between them?
a) F and D
b) C and D
c) C and G
d) G and B
e) F and G
10. What is the seating position of E?
a) Second from the left
b) Third from the right
c) Third from the left
d) Second from the right
e) First from the right
1. A) In the condition, A ≤ B = C > D, the inequalities for each pair are:
A ≤ B, A ≤ C
B = C, B > D
C > D
The relation between A and D can’t be determined.
Hence, with the help of these inferences, we can compare and choose the correct option
2. C) Rohit = Girish + 2
Girish = Nehra – 3 → Nehra = Girish + 3
Kamlesh = Girish + 1
Hence, the order of their age is:
Nehra > Rohit > Kamlesh > Girish
So Nehra is oldest.
3. E)

T is the final position of Faruk.
Hence the distance from the initial point P to final point T = (6 – 4) ft = 2 ft.
4. D)   5. B)
(6 – 10):
According to the question, F is to be seated at an even seat. Since D is seated in the middle, i.e., at the 4th seat, therefore, F can be seated at either 2nd or 6th seat. Since, A and E can’t be seated together, therefore E can’t be seated at seat 2. Therefore, F will be seated at seat 2 which is between C and A.
C          F          A         D         G         E          B
6. B)   7. A)   8. C)   9. C)   10. D)