English Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk (Set – 6)

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English Practice Questions for IBPS Clerk (Set – 6)
Directions (1 – 10): Select the most appropriate alternative for the blanks in context with the paragraph.
Chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday picked up a broom here to convey his seriousness towards making Uttar Pradesh clean, a day after he expressed regret over the state's poor rating in the cleanliness (1)_________. Accompanied by ministerial colleague Suresh Khanna and other officials, the chief minister arrived at the congested Baloo Addar  locality in the heart of the city in Ram Mohan ward and sweeped the (2)__________. Only one city of the state, Varanasi, had figured in the list of 100 clean cities in the government's 'Swachh Survekshan-2017'. Nine others were among the 15 dirtiest districts in the country with Gonda turning out to be the dirtiest city in India. "Although this survey was taken up before we took over, our government has (3) __________ to work in this area and by December 2017 we aim to declare 30 districts and by October 2018 the entire state open defecation-free," he said in the press conference on Friday. He also gave instructions to the municipal staff present on the (4) ____________ to maintain cleanliness and said it was among the top priorities of the government. "Why is the state capital so dirty? It is a matter of concern as to why Lucknow does not figure in the list of 100 clean cities...make all preparations before the (5) __________ of monsoon to clean the drains so that they do not overflow on the streets... "All wards should be given clear instructions on cleanliness...people should be made (6) _________ of not (7) __________ on the roads and use of dustbins" he told the municipal department officials. After taking over as the chief minister, Yogi had (8) ___________ a pledge of cleanliness to (9) ___________ and asked them to clean up their (10)  _______________.
Question 1
a) Survey
b) Observe
c) Regard
d) View
e) Contemplate
a) Street
b) Alley
c) Lane
d) Parade
e) Strip
Question 3
a) Clear-cut
b) Undisputed
c) Unmistakable
d) Decided
e) Assured
Question 4
a) Occasion
b) Celebration
c) Excuse
d) Opportunity
e) Gathering
Question 5
a) Creation
b) Inception
c) Onset
d) Rise
e) Opening
Question 6
a) Well informed
b) Enlightened
c) Aware
d) Switched-on
e) Knowledgeable 
Question 7
a) Littering
b) Mess up
c) Be jumbled
d) Clutter up
e) Be jumbled
Question 8
a) Administrated
b) Handle
c) Guide
d) Boss
e) Oversee
Question 9
a) Officials
b) Functionary
c) Administrator
d) Jack-in- office
e) Agent
Question 10
a) Neighborhoods
b) Zone
c) Quarter
d) Region
e) Environs
Answers with Explanations:
1. a)  Survey: is used in context of examination
2. a)
3. d) Decided is most appropriate option as it make sense
4. a)
5. c) Onset is used for arrival
6. c) “Aware” is used in context of “consciousness’
7. a) “Littering” is used in context of ‘Throw into disorder’
8. a) “Administrated” is used in sense to ‘Control’
9. a) “Official” is used in context of “appointee”
10. a) it is the most fit option as it is related in context of the paragraph