18th May: Verbal Reasoning Practice Quiz for NICAL and SBI PO

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Verbal Reasoning Practice Quiz for NICAL and SBI PO
Directions (1 – 2): In each question below is given a statement followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the statement. Give answer:
A) Only conclusion I follow
B) Only Conclusion II follow
C) Either Conclusion I or II follow
D) Neither Conclusion I nor II follow
E) Both I and II follow
1. Statements: In India, more emphasis should be placed on areas such as agriculture, engineering and technology instead of basic and pure sciences.
Conclusions: I. India has achieved sufficient progress in basic and pure sciences.      
II. In the past, the productivity factor in our economy was neglected.
2. Statements: From the next academic year, students will have the option of dropping Mathematics and Science for their school leaving certificate examination.
Conclusions: I. Students who are weak in Science and Mathematics will be admitted.     
II. Earlier students did not have the choice of continuing their education without taking these subjects.
3. Statement: For the first time in the history of Haryana, the sex ratio in the state has touched the 950 mark, sex ratio at birth stood at 950 girls to 1,000 boys at the end March this year.
Which of the following may not be a reason for the increase in the sex ratio in Haryana?
A) Appeal by government of India for end of female foeticide in the state
B) Appointment of female doctors in government hospital for pregnant women
C) Announcing different scheme on the birth of girl in a family
D) Making girl education compulsory till higher education in the schools
E) None of these
4. Statement: According to a survey done by XYZ organisation, FMCG industry has emerged as the highest paying industry in India with an average annual cost to company (CTC) is Rs 11.3 lakh across all levels and functions.
Which of the following has been assumed according to the given information? (An assumption is something that is supposed or taken for granted)
A) Increase in the demand of sales and marketing personnel by FMCG companies
B) Increase in the demand of products across all segments in the country
C) Better growth prospects and facilities given to the employee by the company
D) Employee opportunities are more in FMCG companies
E) None of these
5. Statement: The decrease in price of property could not able to clear the inventory. Its sale has declined by fifteen percent in the top eight Indian cities in the last six months.
Which of the following may be a probablereason for the decline of sale in property in top eight Indian cities?
A) Majority of the people have built up their own house
B) Higher rate of Interest charged by the banks for providing a home loan
C) Nobody is interested in purchasing a new house as cities life style is deteriorating day by day.
D) Cost of living is quite high in these eight cities
E) Only 1) and 2)
6. Statement: In the beginning of Summer season only northern and western India are reeling under severe heat-wave conditions as temperature has start crossing 40 degree Celsius in the first few weeks of summer.
Course of action:
A) People Should drink enough water before leaving to any place
B) People should stop drinking aerated water and spicy food
C) People should use only Air Conditioned coach vehicle while travelling from one place to another.
D) All the government offices should change their timing for summer season.
Which of the following among (A), (B), (C), and (D) is a valid course of action taken by the people to prevent from scorching heat?
A) Only B
B) Only A
C) Only C
D) Only D
E) None of these
7. Statement: Major Holy river in India is going to lose it’s holiness cleanness. The percentage of pollution is only increasing in spite of spending millions of rupees for it’s treatment by the concern State government.
Which of the following can be an inference of the above statement ?
A) India is seeking overseas technical help for cleaning it’s river.
B) India is using polluted river water for drinking purpose.
C) Pollution change rivers of their holiness.
D) Both (A) and (B)
E) None of these
8. Statement: Atleast 44 people were killed and 100 other injured as a heavy storm with rain and hail swept through Bihar state, desroying standing crops and property worth several crores of rupees.
Which of the following should be follow up measures taken by Bihar government ?
A) Compensation will be provided to the affected families.
B) Doctor’s teams will be sent to the affected villages.
C) Relief and rescue operation will be started in full swing across Bihar.
D) Relief camp will be established for orpans.
E) 1 and 4
9. Statement: Pets are not allowed in the park area. A notice putup at the park entrance by the authority that is responsible for maintenance of the park.
Which of the following is conclusion according to the given information ?
A) Now most of the people have stopped visiting the park.
B) There are more than one entrance to the park.
C) People who ignored this notice wore fined.
D) Some people who visit the park have pets.
E) None of these
10. Statement: Recently most NIT have vacant seat computer engineering course.
Which of the following may be the probable cause of the above effect ?
A) There is a very poor success rate among the computer engineering student.
B) The central government has been decided to provided skill training to all engineering graduate.
C) Student have always preferred mechanical engineering branch.
D) NIT has not been teaching quality.
E) None of these
1. B)
2. E) Since the new system gives the students the option of dropping Science and Mathematics, so students weak in these subjects can also be admitted. So, I follows. Also, it is mentioned that the new system will come into effect from the next academic year. This means that it did not exist previously. So, II also follows.
3. D) Making education compulsory for the girls will make them literate and help the state in improving the literacy, but it can't be said it will also help them in improving the sex ratio. So, only D) is a valid option.
4. C) Since FMCG companies gives better facilities than other company, so only C) can be assumed.
5. E) Since the rates of interest are high in the banks and several people have their own house, So E) is valid answer.
6. B) Only A) is valid course of action taken by the people to avoid from heat.
7. E)
8. E) Follow up measures means secondary course of action, compensation and rehabalitiation is the secondary step.
9. D) Authority assumed that some person have pets.
10. A) Due to poor success rate, student not interested in computer science engineering branch.