English Word Usage New Pattern Quiz for NIACL Mains

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English Word Usage New Pattern Quiz for NIACL Mains
1. A. The millionaire has __________ Rs. 10,00,000 for this priceless artifact.
B. In a/an __________ to rescue the child who was caught in fire, she sustained burns.
C. I went to the railway station to __________ goodbye to my friend.
D. I was asked to __________ a price by the auctioneer.
(a) quoted
(b) attempt
(c) bid
(d) say
(e) spend
2. A. Many students still __________ around the college, even after the classes are over.
B. Every citizen of India should __________ his head in shame at the brutal killings in the name of religion.
C. There is ample space in the wardrobe for you to __________ your clothes.
D. “__________ the perpetrators of the crime!” shouted the angry mob.
(a) execute
(b) loiter
(c) hang
(d) bend
(e) store
3. A. Akbar was known for his benevolence, people were happy during his __________.
B. Cleopatra has an ambition to __________ the world as a queen of beauty.
C. Better to __________ in hell than to serve in heaven.
D. One should not allow indolence to __________ over oneself.
(a) reign
(b) dominate
(c) rule
(d) tenure
(e) overpower
4. A. For many years India was __________ in a tricky situation, whether to go in for a nuclear weapon or not.
B. The marathon innings of the batsman came to an end when he was finally __________ by the same bowler who troubled him the most.
C. The notorious burglar was finally __________ by the cops.
D. I was __________ unaware when my photograph was clicked.
(a) held
(b) seized
(c) apprehended
(d) caught
(e) trapped
5. A. India and Russia __________ an excellent bilateral relationship.
B. Due to a crash in the overseas market, __________ market in India was also badly affected.
C. According to the law, women are also entitled to a __________ in the ancestral property.
D. Every job has its own __________ of problems.
(a) stock
(b) portion
(c) posses
(d) share
(e) claim
6. A. He does not __________ any ill feelings against anyone.
B. A __________ was appointed to take care of his ailing mother.
C. The foster mother tried to __________ the infant with great care.
D. A lot of patience is required to __________ an aged person.
(a) nature
(b) maid
(c) bear
(d) nurse
(e) feed
7. A. The innocent lady could not see through his evil __________.
B. The intricate __________ on this fabric, makes it more attractive.
C. He employed a famous architect to __________ his house.
D. The psychologist observed a change in the child’s behaviour __________.
(a) intention
(b) pattern
(c) design
(d) model
(e) build
8. A. The little boy was pampered by his grandparents, who catered to his every __________.
B. “Your __________ is my command”, said the genie to the prince.
C. I __________ you could understand me better.
D. Being an easy going person, she behaves according to her own __________ and fancy.
(a) whim
(b) demand
(c) wish
(d) hope
(e) need
9. A. The management took no __________ of the problems pertaining to the workers.
B. The class teacher was called to __________ for the dismal performance of the students in the examination.
C. Many young cricket fans __________ Tendulkar as a hero.
D. The principal promised the students that he would __________ their demands.
(a) consider
(b) explain
(c) accurate
(d) estimate
(e) notice
10. A. Can you please __________ the bell?
B. The words spoken by him still __________ in my ears.
C. Mahatma Gandhi was the __________ leader of the Non-Cooperation movement.
D. I shall give you a __________ after reaching home.
(a) sound
(b) ring
(c) chief
(d) call
(e) sell
1. C)   2. C)   3. C)   4. D)   5. D)   6. D)   7. C)   8. C)   9. A)   10. B)