English New Pattern Practice Quiz for Bank Exams

Mentor for Bank Exams
English Practice Quiz for Bank Exams
Directions (1 – 5): In question given below there are five sentences. Each sentence has a pair of words/phrases that are highlighted. From the highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate words(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then below the group of sentences 5 options are given, with each option having sequence of choices either (1) or (2) and so on. Choose the option which is giving the correct sequence of the choices.

1. A. After James's accession Danby was discharged from his bail/bale by the Lords on the 19th of May 1685, and the order declaring a dissolution of parliament to be no abatement of an impeachment was reversed.
B. She tossed out the verbal bait/bate and waited for him to strike.
C. Even as the spoiled rich girl put on her diamond bracelets, she would bawl/bowl about how her parents didn’t love her.
D. Rhyn looked away from Jade and stepped back before he snapped and was banned/band eternally from the Sanctuary.
E. He sits by a barred/bard window all day long thinking about his homeland.  
A) 11111
B) 12122
C) 21221
D) 12222
E) 22222
2. A. She had to bear/beer all the pain herself as her husband denied to take any responsibility of the child.
B. The baron/barren land was of no use so they decided to build a house on it.
C. He addressed every class in a terrifying baul/bawl.
D. I was amazed to see the beech/beach trees growing in that climate.
E. We all understood that times have changed and we would have to give up our births/berths to the people who had already reserved them.
A) 22121
B) 12221
C) 12212
D) 12122
E) 12121
3. A. They decided to bury/ berry the body in the garden behind the house.
B. Since the emancipation of the serfs in 1861, it has been steadily increasing, the Russian peasants of a village often emigrating en block/bloc.' 
C. They were driven out by Boer/Boor trekkers in 1837.
D. We could not move the bolder/ boulder even by an inch thereby remained trapped there the whole night.
E. If alarmed they utter a shrill loud whistle, and rush down the burrow/borough, but reappear after a few minutes to see if the danger is past. 
A) 22211
B) 12121
C) 12221
D) 12122
E) 12212
4. A. She was worried and tired already, and his latest jab didn't buoy/buy her spirits at all.
B. Canvass/ canvas the neighborhood to see if anyone saw the suspect. 
C. Drinking and driving shows a callous/callus disregard for life. 
D. When I visited Washington, DC, I toured the Capitol/capital and met the Congressmen.
E. The cartoons/cartons  were so heavy that the children could not pick any of them.
A) 11112
B) 12222
C) 22121
D) 12221
E) 11122
5. A. If someone violates your copyright, send them a seize/Cease and Desist letter immediately. 
B. Our family has had a siege/cease  of bad colds this year. 
C. At the war's end, the loser had to cede/seed the disputed territory to the winner. 
D. A light-colored ceiling/sealing makes a room seem brighter. 
E. The last senses/census showed an increase in single-parent families. 
A) 21221
B) 21112
C) 22112
D) 22112
E) 21222
Directions (6 – 10): In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
Indians idling in the country’s notoriously (6) traffic have long resented the sight of red flashing lights on the roof of cars zooming up behind them: the sign a public official is approaching and needs other drivers to let them pass. Soon, officials including government ministers and judges will need to battle the traffic like everybody else.
The central government announced that from next month only emergency services will be permitted to use sirens to cut through busy roads. “We are removing the rule which allows state and central government to (7) who can use the red lights,” the Indian finance minister said at a news conference in Delhi.
“From 1 May, no vehicle will have a red light. There will be no exceptions.” The red beacons have become a lightning rod for public disgust at official corruption and the “VVIP culture” of the country’s elites. In 2013 India’s supreme court described the misuse of the beacons as “a (8) to society” and said they had become “a fashion and status symbol”.
Such was the beacons’ power that some criminals had been known to fix them to their cars to (9) detection, knowing police officers would be reluctant to stop a vehicle that was flashing red, the court said. “It’s a huge democratic decision,” the national road transport minister said. Momentum for a ban has been steadily growing, starting with Delhi’s chief minister, who (10) in 2015 that neither he nor his ministers used the beacons. In the past months the newly elected chief ministers of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh banned the beacons for state officials.
A) vexed
B) uproar
C) congested
D) vilified
E) virile
A) rectifying
B) trifling
C) veer
D) specify
E) vat
A) turmoil
B) menace
C) tonic
D) accretion
E) aegis
A) adjunct
B) abashed
C) evade
D) adumbrate
E) wean
A) denounced
B) renounce
C) pest
D) announced
E) nexus
1. A)   2. C)   3. B)   4. A)   5. B)   6. C)   7. D)   8. B)    9. C)   10. D)