Current Affairs One Liner Revision Quiz - 15

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Current Affairs One Liner Revision Quiz - 15
1. Which British-Indian professor has received a Knighthood honour ?
Answer: Shankar Balasubramanian
2. World famous gala festival “Bargarh Dhanua Jatra” begins in which Indian states?
Answer: Odisha
3. Which Indian state CM dedicated India’s 1st laser technology -based advanced AVMS RTO check- post?
Answer: Gujarat
4. India’s largest LNG importer has signed an agreement to set up an import project in which country?
Answer: Bangladesh
5. Who have been chosen for “Bhartiya Jananpith Navlekhan Award” for year 2016?
Answer: Ghyansham kumar Devansh
6. Heritage Foods Ltd (HFL) has signed MOU with which bank to provide dairy loans to farmers ?
Answer: Bank of Baroda
7. Who has been conferred “Power & Energy persona’s award” for individual excellence at the 10th ENERTIA Award 2016 ?
Answer: K M Singh
8. With which country India have signed 3rd protocol for amending “DTAA” ?                      
Answer: Singapore
9. Who has been appointed as major General of Kyrgyzstan ?
Answer: Shaikh Rafik Mohammed
10. Somdev Devvarman belongs to which sports ?
Answer: Tennis
11. India's premier Tennis tournament begins in which City ?
Answer: Chennai
12. Who won the Mubadala World Tennis Championships. ?
Answer: Rafael Nadal
13. Chinese immigrant Tyrus Wong has passed away . He was _?
Answer: Artist
14. 1st test team member Imtiaz Ahmed recently passed away, he belongs to which country ?
Answer: Pakistan
15. Name the Country’s 1st woman teacher ?
Answer: Savitribai Phule