Fill in the blanks (New Pattern) for SBI PO

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Fill in the blanks (New Pattern) for SBI PO
Direction (1 – 5): In each of the following questions three statements are given with a missing word in each. You have to fill the blanks of first two statements with the first word of the option and the blank of the third statement with the second word of the option.
1. (i) Sumit opened the _____ drawer and pulled out a folder.
(ii) The Prime Minister has officially informed his _____ of his decision to step down.
(iii) Even a simple creak in the stairs would _____ a bark from the dog.
a) wooden, bring
b) member, allow
c) key, dispose
d) cabinet, educe
e) None of these
2. (i) The family stood beside the ____ of the old man, and talked about all the wonderful times they had spent together.
(ii) The international situation is becoming _____.
(iii) The chef needed to ______ the ingredients for the meal.
a) house, mix
b) grave, assemble
c) good, digest
d) outhouse, prepare
e) None of these
3. (i) In no case did these methods and efforts secure a long-term ______ to poverty.
(ii) Experts recommend using vodka as a cleaning ______ for diamond jewelry.
(iii) For the slower students, the complex _____ will have to be broken down into smaller units
a) direction, situation
b) efficiency, method
c) solution, concept
d) stability, process
e) None of these
4. (i) Third-year courses cover less _____ and go into more depth
(ii) An adjoining area of _____ had been purchased.
(iii) When the crops are ready to be harvested, there is a huge ______ of workers to the farmlands.
a) ground, migration
b) lecture, demand
c) land, blow
d) subject, supply
e) None of these
5. (i) Close the window; the _____ is blowing my papers around.
(ii) The ______ agreement was signed by the leaders of both countries.
(iii) The boy who broke my window has to ______ me for the damage.
a) whiff, bear
b) final, incurr
c) draft, reimburse
d) air, give
e) None of these
Directions (6 – 10): In each question below two sentences are given, followed by four words. You have to tell which word can fill both the blank and form a meaningful sentence. If none of the word can fill both the blank simultaneously then mark E) as your answer.
6. (i) Her hair swung across to _____ her face.
(ii) Every window has a _____ here because of the mosquitoes.
a) hide
b) screen
c) glass
d) sheet
e) None of these
7. (i) No one had been there for months—everything was out of _____ .
(ii) I asked the butcher to _____ all the fat off of the meat.
a) cut
b) order
c) trim
d) remove
e) None of these
8. (i) I ordered a _____ made dress.
(ii) It is our _____ to visit the Lake District in October.
a) routine
b) specially
c) ajar
d) custom
e) None of these
9. (i) Local authorities control a huge ____ of public spending
(ii) You can ___ this onion using the sharp knife kept on the table.
a) slice
b) position
c) cut
d) share
e) None of these
10. (i) It helps if you go out of your way to _____ the local people.
(ii) They were encouraged to ______ basic food crops
a) help
b) cultivate
c) filch
d) cut
e) None of these
1. D) educe- bring out or develop (something latent or potential).
2. B)
3. C)
4. A) ground- an area of knowledge or subject of discussion or thought.
5. C) draft- a current of cool air in a room or other confined space. [Noun form of draught]
6. B) (i) screen – conceal, protect, or shelter (someone or something) with a screen or something forming a screen.
(ii) screen- mesh/net
7. C) (i) trim – the state of being in good order or condition.
(ii) trim- remove excess
8. D) (i) – made or done to order
(ii) custom- a thing that one does habitually.
9. A) (i) slice – a portion or share of something
(ii) slice- kept
10. B) (i) cultivate- try to win the friendship or favour of (someone).
(ii) cultivate – raise or grow (plants), especially on a large scale for commercial purposes.