Reasoning Quiz on Puzzles - BOB/IBPS

Reasoning Quiz - Puzzles
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Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. Today I am posting Reasoning Quiz on Puzzles for upcoming Exams BOB/IBPS. Aspirants who are appearing these exams can make use of these!!!

Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information and answer the given questions:
In a cricket tournament, five cricketers Anil, Ramesh, Tanish, Kiran and Sanjay were recognised for their special shot. They played different shots: drive, sweep, pull, cut and hook. They played these shots only one day in a week, Monday through Friday. Sanjay did not play on Tuesday. Ramesh played the hook, and   didn’t play on Friday. Anil played on Monday. The drive is played on Thursday. Tanish played his shot, which is cut, on Wednesday. The pull is played on Friday, and not by Kiran.
1. Which day did Ramesh play?
a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Thursday
e) Friday
2. Who played on Thursday?
a) Ramesh
b) Anil
c) Tanish
d) Kiran
e) Sanjay
3. Who played the sweep?
a) Ramesh
b) Anil
c) Tanish
d) Kiran
e) Sanjay
4. The hook was played on which day?
a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Thursday
e) Friday
5. Which of the following statement is false?
a) Sanjay played pull shot
b) Kiran played drive
c) Sweep was played on the next day of hook
d) Pull was not played on Monday
e) Anil did not play cut shot
Directions (6 – 10): Study the following information given below and answer the questions based on it.
Eight friends, A, B, H, K, M, P, R and S are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at four corners of the square while four sit in the middle of each of the four sides. The one who sits at the four corners faces the centre while those who sit in the middle of the sides face outside.
B sits second to the right of S. B does not sit at any of the corners. M sits third to the right of P. P is not an immediate neighbour of S. R and K are immediate neighbours of each other but R does not sit at any of the corners of the table. H is an immediate neighbour of neither P nor S.
6. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a) P
b) R
c) H
d) S
e) B
7. Who sits third to the left of A?
a) B
b) R
c) S
d) P
e) Can’t be determined
8. What is the position of S with respect to H?
a) Immediate to the left
b) Second to the left
c) Third to the left
d) Third to the right
e) Second to the right
9. Who amongst the following represents the immediate neighbours of H?
a) M, K
b) B, R
c) B, M
d) A, R
e) A, K
10. Who amongst the following sits exactly between P and A?
a) Only B
b) K and R
c) H
d) H and M
e) No one sits between P and A
1)b   2)d   3)c   4)b   5)e   6)c   7)a   8)d   9)b   10)e
(1 – 5):
1. B)
2. D)
3. C)
4. B)
5. E)
(6 - 10): 
6. C)
7. A)
8. D)
9. B)
10. E)